TRIP Hidden deep within the walls of Tangier’s famous medina lies the final resting place of one of history’s greatest explorer’s – Ibn Battuta. Although probably not at the top of most visitor’s Tangier to-do list, we still recommend a detour on your tour of the medina to check out this intriguing attraction.

TAP Born in Tangier in 1304, Ibn Battuta would go on to become one of the world’s greatest ever explorers through his extensive journeys across Europe, Asia and Africa. Once you arrive in Tangier it won’t be long before you understand how important he is to the city with many important places, such as the city’s main airport, named after the famous explorer.

Once you arrive at the tomb, visitors are likely to feel slightly disappointed. One would think that such an important individual, both to the city of Tangier and to exploration in the 14th century, would have a more significant site dedicated to their memory. Nevertheless the plaque placed upon the building, which supposedly contains his remains, is quiet informative and does a great job at explaining the importance of Ibn Battuta.

GO The Tomb of Ibn Battuta is easily located by imputing the location into Google Maps, the location indicated by the app is quiet accurate to the real life location. Once you get closer there are signs leading the way to the location which are helpful if you get lost. If you feel you cannot locate the tomb on your own, you can always arrange for one of the many locals hanging around the medina to lead you there. However, be sure to arrange a price that you’re comfortable with before setting out.


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