TRIP With a name literally meaning ‘Brilliant Palace,’ the Bahia Palace is still as brilliant as it was when it opened in the late 19th century. Containing some of the best examples of traditional Moroccan architecture and design, the Bahia Palace is a must see when visiting Marrakesh.

TAP Spread over nine hectares and 150 rooms, the Bahia Palace was built by Ahmed Ben Mousa, grand vizier of Morocco between 1894 and 1900, to be the greatest palace in the world. When Ben Mousa died, the palace was looted of its treasures and furniture and would later go on to be occupied several times until becoming the popular tourist attraction it is today.

Although technically ‘empty,’ the palace still contains copious amounts of spectacular tile, wood, and glass work – some of the best you’ll see anywhere in Morocco. The main attraction is unquestionably the brilliant marble-tiled Grand Courtyard, the image most people associate with the attraction and the one you’ll see in all the guide books. The Bahia Palace can get busy, so we definitely recommend an early visit if you’d prefer a uncrowded visiting experience.

GO As one of Marrakesh’s top attractions, the Bahia Palace is easily reached via one of the city’s many taxis. As always, when using any taxi in Morocco, be sure to agree on a price before getting in the taxi. Those wishing to take the more adventurous route can expect a 20 minute walk from Jama El’ Fna Square. Entry to the Bahia Palace is 70 Moroccan dirhams, well worth the price of admission.


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