TRIP As Africa’s second largest mosque and the seventh largest in the world, the Hassan II Mosque is undoubtedly the city of Casablanca’s top attraction. Visitors of all faiths visit to marvel at the size and scale of this exceptional piece of religious architecture.

TAP Completed in 1993, the construction of the Hassan II Mosque was a colossal undertaking at the time. The project employed the skills of thousands of the country’s best artisans to utilise materials from all over Morocco – cedar from Middle Atlas, marble from Agadir and granite from Tafraoute – creating what is still, to this day, the most ambitious construction project in Moroccan history. The Hassan II Mosque boasts some impressive architectural details: the world’s second tallest minaret, a 1,110 ton retractable roof, enough interior space to accommodate 25,000 worshippers all while being built over the ocean along Morocco’s Atlantic coast.

Tours of the mosque are available during non-prayer times and can be taken in a number of languages including English. The tour includes a visit to the main prayer room, the lower level wash room and a brief analysis of some of the main exterior architectural details. Guides are knowledgeable, doing a great job to blend facts and humour during the roughly 45 minute tour. Photography is permitted throughout the interior and exterior areas of the mosque.

GO Entry to the Hassan II Mosque is 130 dirhams. Tickets can be purchased from the reception desk at the Hassan II Mosque Museum on Rue de Tiznit. Tours begin from the museum and run throughout the day. As the city’s top attraction, the Hassan II Mosque is easily accessible via taxi from anywhere in the city.


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