TRIP Located in Newcastle, on the east coast of New South Wales, McDonald Jones Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium that has a capacity of 33,000. The stadium is predominately used for rugby league, but also hosts football and the occasional rugby union matches. 

TAP McDonald Jones Stadium consists of two semi-covered seated stands as well as an unseated hill area at each end of the stadium. The stadium is a mid-size venue, larger than most similar venues used for sporting competitions in Australia. Despite its larger size, the stadium still manages to create and maintain excellent crowd atmosphere during games.

The design of McDonalds Jones Stadium is visitor friendly, featuring spacious internal and external public areas making it easy for visitors to move between their seats and the stadiums wide range of amenities. The stadiums variety of seating options also makes it easy visitors to pick an option that best suits their needs. If visiting McDonald Jones Stadium during a Newcastle Jets game, be sure to check out the annual RAAF Round for the pre-game fighter jet flyover.

GO There are a number of ways which visitors can reach McDonald Jones Stadium with buses, trains and on-site parking available to visitors. Check Trip Planner for the best way to get there from your location. Tickets for most events held at McDonalds Jones Stadium are sold through Ticketek. Head over to the McDonald Jones Stadium’s official website for more information and all upcoming events.

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