TRIP The Dome of Light is a massive glass artwork located within Formosa Boulevard station on Kaohsiung’s Rapid Transit System. At 30 meters in diameter and made up of 4,500 pieces of glass, the Dome of Light is the largest glass artwork in the world.

TAP Created over a period of four and a half years by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata, the Dome of Light makes Formosa Boulevard station one of the more interesting train stations you can visit whilst travelling. Through a variety of different themes, the Dome of Light’s design is intended to tell the story of life to all those who gaze up at this stunning piece of modern glass art.  

Since its unveiling in 2008, the Dome of Light has become quite popular where it is now considered by many to be one of Taiwan’s top ten attractions. It is quite common to see both locals and visitors pause during their daily commute to admire this must see Kaohsiung attraction.

GO Visiting the Dome of Light only costs the price of a single ticket on Kaohsiung’s metro system – the shortest possible journey is currently NT$20. Visit the Kaohsiung’s Rapid Transit System official English website for train timetables, network maps and other useful information.

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