The Lansdowne Hotel is a pub and live music venue located in Chippendale, just South of Sydney’s CBD. The pub has operated near the corner of city road since first opening in 1933.

The pub was designed by the prominent pub architect, Sidney Warden and was built to replace the original Lansdowne Hotel which was located across Broadway on the opposite corner where the Broadway Shopping Centre is now located. The pub’s distinctive four level design is unique amongst pubs in Sydney with its exterior having remained virtually unchanged since it first opened.

During the 1980s and 1990s, the pub became a renowned live music venue hosting some early concerts for popular Australian bands such as Powderfinger, You Am I, and The Living End.

After almost 90 years the pub closed down in 2015 and was due to be replaced by a private music and performing arts school. Luckily, a new owner was found and the pub reopened in 2017 with the same offerings that had made it famous. The pub was once again due to close in 2022 but was saved weeks before closure by a new ownership team that has vowed to maintain the venues legacy for years to come.

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