The Fortune of War Hotel is a pub located in The Rocks, an inner-city suburb of Sydney. The pub is considered Sydney’s oldest, having operated in different forms, at the same location, since first opening in 1828.

The original Fortune of War was opened in 1828 by former convict Samuel Terry. The pub was later demolished and rebuilt in 1921 by brewer Tooth & Co. using a design by H. J. & H. W. Thompson. The redesign remains mostly unchanged to this day and has been listed on the New South Wales State Heritage Register since 2002.

The pub consists of two main areas: the cosy front bar and a more modern bistro area located at the back. The old-world charm of the front bar is what the Fortune of War is known for and is definitely where you want to sit when visiting.

Since 2020 an outdoor area has operated on the street in front of the Fortune of War. This area has greatly increased the venues footprint and was necessary addition in order for the pub to stay open during the cities Covid restrictions. However, the assortment of different umbrellas and gazebos that now occupies most of this part of George Street definitely distracts from the areas old school charm.

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