TRIP Osaka Castle is Japanese castle located in the city Osaka, Japan. Although a modern reconstruction of the 1583 original, Osaka Castle is still considered to be one of Osaka’s top attractions and one of Japan’s most popular castles.

TAP Originally built in 1583, Osaka Castle was in use for almost three hundred years before being demolished in 1868. A concrete reconstruction of the castle was built in 1931 and remained mostly undamaged during World War II. Osaka Castle underwent an extensive restoration in 1997 converting the castle’s interior into a museum and adding a number of modern amenities.

The detail and care taken during the castle’s reconstruction is exceptional and will make it quite difficult for visitors to realise that the castle they are visiting is a reconstruction and not the 1583 original. Although the castle’s interior would have benefited from a more traditional appearance, the displays contained within are quite interesting and are definitely worth checking out before heading up to the castle’s impressive observation deck. The view from the observation deck is a highlight, with views stretching from the historic gardens, stone walls and moats that surround the castle across to the burgeoning, modern metropolis of Osaka.

GO Osaka Castle is open daily from 9:00 – 17:00. After paying the JP¥600 entrance fee visitors are free to explore the castle grounds at their leisure. If you would like to learn more about Osaka Castle head over to the castle’s official website. Osaka Castle is easily accessible via the JR Osaka Loop line (Osakajokoen station). Head over to for an excellent guide to train travel within Osaka.

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