TRIP Camp Nou is a football stadium located in Barcelona, home ground of European football giants FC Barcelona. The stadium has a seating capacity of 99,354 making it the largest in Europe and third largest in the world.

TAP Originally built in 1957, the Camp Nou was built to replace the outdated Camp de Les Corts, hence the name Nou Camp (new field). The stadium has undergone several renovations since its opening with the latest expected to be completed by 2022. The Camp Nou is primarily the home ground for FC Barcelona but is also occasionally used for large scale music events. Over its long history, the Camp Nou has also been used as a venue for major sporting tournaments including the 1982 FIFA World Cup and the football tournament at 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

The atmosphere inside the Camp Nou during matches is some of the best experienced by Trip Tap Go. Despite the stadiums colossal size, the stadium’s steep stands help to bring visitors as close as possible to the on-field action, whilst at the same time helping to keep atmosphere in during games. A match at Camp Nou is excellent opportunity for visitors to watch some of the world’s top players live – an experience which should not be missed when visiting Barcelona. If your visit to Barcelona doesn’t coincide with a match day, the stadium tour is a great way to catch a behind the scenes look at the Camp Nou.

GO Tickets for matches and tours at Camp Nou can be purchased directly through the clubs official website. Tickets for most matches go on sale well in advance of match days so we recommend planning ahead to ensure you don’t miss out. Camp Nou is easily accessible via the Barcelona Metro network (Palau Reial station). Check out Barcelona Metro’s official website for route maps, fares and other useful information.

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