The best themed bars are always those that are fully committed to the experience they are trying to create for their visitors. Uncle Mings is a perfect example of a bar that has been able to successfully create a distinct experience, transporting visitors back in time to 1920s Shanghai.

Located down a set of stairs leading to the Roman Daniels suit shop on York Street, Uncle Mings is well hidden, serving the opium-den-inspired theme perfectly. Upon entering through the circular doorway, and smelling the incense burning behind the bar, one quickly forgets they were standing on York Street only moments ago.

Uncle Mings is perfectly themed; red lanterns hang from the ceilings, vintage Chinese posters line the walls and a variety of different Chinese ornaments fill in the gaps. Your experience at Uncle Mings begins at the ornately-designed bar where a variety of Asian inspired food and drinks are available to visitors.

Uncle Mings stocks an extensive range of Japanese Whiskies, as well as offering a variety of cocktails and Asian beers that really compliment the overall experience. To accompany your drinks, the bar’s range of authentic-tasting dumplings should not be missed.

The whole point of themed bars is to offer an escape for their visitors, an environment far removed from that in which the bar is located. Uncle Mings does just that, through its expert fusion of a well thought-out theme and its extensive range of Asian inspired food and drinks.

LG, 55 York Street,
Sydney, NSW, 2000

Monday – Thursday: 12.00pm – Midnight
Friday: 12.00pm – 1.00am
Saturday: 4.00pm – 1.00am
Sunday: Closed

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