TRIP Parliament House is the home of Australian democracy and the centrepiece of Australia’s capital city, Canberra. Built in 1988, the current iteration of Australia’s Parliament House is one of the best examples of modern Australian architecture and a must see when visiting the capital.

TAP A visit to Australia’s Parliament House is an excellent way to witness, first hand, Australia’s democracy in action. On certain days, visitors can sit in a dedicated visitor’s gallery and watch as the nation’s elected officials discuss and debate current issues. Check the events calendar on the official Parliament House website for more details. We highly recommend planning your visit to coincide with a Parliament sitting day as it is quite a unique and open experience.

If visiting Parliament House on a non-sitting day, visitors are free to explore a large part of this expansive parliamentary building on their own. Some of the buildings highlights include the grand Marble Foyer, with its forty-eight marble columns, and the Great Hall, an events space centred on the impressive Great Hall Tapestry. Be sure to also include a visit to the House of Representatives and Senate Chambers (both observable from the public viewing galleries) on your self-guided tour.

GO Visiting Parliament House is free. Parliament House is open 9:00 – 5:00 every day of the year, except Christmas Day. When parliament is sitting, opening hours are extended, so be sure to check the official Parliament House website for details. If visiting by car, a large underground car park is available to visitors. Another option is the free Culture Loop shuttle bus service that stops at Parliament House and other popular Canberra attractions; check the link for timetables, route maps and other useful information.

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