The Merchants Cafe and Saloon is a bar and restaurant located in Pioneer Square area of downtown Seattle, Washington. Considered to be one of the oldest restaurants operating at its original location in Seattle and potentially across the whole west coast.

The bar was in built in 1890 using a design by W. E. Boone, descendant of legendary American pioneer Daniel Boone. The bar was built after most of the former wooden buildings in the area where destroyed during the Great Seattle Fire of 1889.

The bar is also believed to be haunted with numerous unexplained occurrences taking place throughout the building. From haunted paintings to the ghosts of a boy and girl, victims of a 1938 fire, lurking within the building’s basement.

The Merchants Cafe and Saloon has experienced everything over its 121-year history. From the Gold Rush, Prohibition, the Great Depression, a deadly fire, and more recently a worldwide pandemic.

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