Hotel Hollywood is a pub located in the inner-city suburb of Surry Hills, just east of Sydney’s CBD. Having opened back in 1942, the hotel has since become one of the area’s most historic venues.

Occupying the site of the former Tooth and Co. owned Nevada Hotel, Hotel Hollywood was built in an inter-war functionalist style. This architectural style, similar to art deco, was rare for pub design at the time with only another four Sydney pubs having been designed in this style during the same period.

In 1978 the hotel was purchased by Doris Goddard, an Australian actress who would own the pub until her death in 2019. Goddard was a common sight at the hotel during her 40 years as publican often found sitting behind the bar serenading her guests.  

During their 2018 Australian tour, the Foo Fighters took over the Hotel Hollywood, renaming it the Foo Fighters Hotel for the duration of their stay.

Despite the area surrounding the hotel changing dramatically over the years, and an ownership change in 2021, the Hotel Hollywood has remained virtually unchanged. The pub is a rare example of an Australian pub in Sydney where both the exterior and interior still resemble the way it would have looked when it first opened.

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