The Fremont Troll is a public sculpture located under the Aurora Bridge in the Fremont neighbourhood of Seattle, Washington. The troll was created by artists: Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead in 1990.

The troll was the result of a competition run by the local council to find a piece of public art to occupy the space beneath the Aurora Bridge. Inspired by Scandinavian folklore, the troll is 5.5 meters tall, weighs 5,900 kg and is made of steel and concrete. The car the troll appears have clutched in its left hand is an actual full-sized Volkswagen Beetle.

The Fremont Troll is considered a positive example of hostile architecture as its design was successful in disrupting the antisocial behaviour that had previously taken place at the same location. A popular photo op for both local and visitors, the Fremont Troll is a great way to explore the quirky side of Seattle. 

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