TRIP An outdoor, kinetic sculpture representing the bust of renowned writer Franz Kafka. Created by Czech sculptor David Černý, and unveiled in 2014, the sculpture can be found located outside the Quadrio shopping centre in central Prague.

TAP David Černý’s sculpture is a fitting tribute to the life of Franz Kafka, one of the city of Prague’s most famous literary personalities. Located in the city centre and only minutes away from the city’s world renowned historic, architectural landmarks, the Head of Franz Kafka is a striking piece of modern public art dedicated to one of the 20th-centuries most famous literary figures. Černý’s sculpture is an excellent amalgamation of two facets of Czech culture: literature and craftsmanship (Czech golden hands).

The sculpture stands at 11 metres tall and is made of 42 individual panels that rotate individually. The mirrored surface and constant rotation of the sculpture’s panels is intended to represent the inner state of Kafka’s mind, a man who was known to have suffered from anxiety and depression. The complete profile of Kafka’s bust is only visible momentarily before the sculpture’s 42 layers continue to rotate. As the viewer stands before the Head of Franz Kafka, the sculpture’s mirrored base makes each visitor fell as if they are part of the sculpture.

GO The Head of Franz Kafka is located outside the Quadrio shopping mall. The sculpture is easily accessible via the Prague Metro network (Národní třída station), though it lies within walking distance of many other famous Prague attractions. Visiting the Head of Franz Kafka is free and is open 24/7. We recommend a day time visit to fully appreciate the intricacy of this stunning piece of Czech public art.

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