TRIP Also known as the Banespa Building, the Altino Arantes Building is one of São Paulo’s most recognisable skyscrapers. Although not São Paulo’s tallest building, the Altino Arantes Building stands out amongst the city’s crowded skyline due its distinctive design and striking white facade.

TAP Over 60 years since its construction, São Paulo’s third tallest skyscraper is still considered one of the city’s most important architectural landmarks. With a design inspired by the Empire State Building, the Altino Arantes Building is a distinctive part of what makes up one of the world’s most impressive skylines.

Visitors that venture to the top of the Altino Arantes Building are treated to unobstructed views of South America’s most populous city. The observation deck, situated 35 floors above street level, is easily the best place in São Paulo to marvel at this sprawling South American megacity. The view from the top of the Altino Arantes Building is one of the best experienced by the TTG Team, and we highly recommend each visitor include it as part of their São Paulo itinerary.

GO The best way to reach the Altino Arantes Building is via the São Paulo metro system (São Bento Station). Visiting the observation deck was free when the TTG Team last visited, but due to recent (2018) renovations of the building’s facilities, this may have changed. Visitors are also advised to bring along a copy of their passports.

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