1989 is an arcade bar located at the very end of Kings Street in Newtown, a suburb in the inner west of Sydney. Due to its unmatched selection of classic arcade machines, 1989 has been Sydney’s best barcade since first opening in 2016.

1989 offers players a selection of over 40 craft beers as well as classic and house cocktails. 1989 takes the house cocktail to the next level with some truly unique offerings sure to please anyone that grew up in the 80s or 90s. Expect to find everything from Froot Loop to Zooper Dooper flavoured cocktails that fit the feel and theme of 1989 perfectly.

Despite 1989 claiming to be a craft beer bar first and foremost, the bar’s biggest draw is by far its collection of arcade and pinball machines. Players can choose between the downstairs bar area, with its classic collection of fighting and light gun games, or an upstairs wood-paneled lounge area packed with classics from the 70s and 80s. There’s also a Japanese inspired middle room, located within the bar’s former kitchen, that contains a selection of pinball machines and Japanese Candy Cabs.

Check 1989’s official website for a full list of games.

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