The Crows Nest Hotel is a multipurpose entertainment venue located in the suburb of Crows Nest on Sydney’s lower north shore. The hotel has been located at the corner of Willoughby Road and Falcon Street for almost 100 years.

Built in a free classical architectural style, the Crows Nest Hotel was opened in 1929 by brewing company Tooheys. Despite its age, the hotel’s multi-level design, with its balustraded verandas and balconies, is still as architecturally impressive as it would have been when it first opened.

The hotel has been extensively renovated over the years with the addition of modern bar areas and spaces for DJs and live music, keeping it in line with modern pubs and bars in Sydney.

The hotel no longer offers accommodation, as the name would suggest, but there are still several features of this heritage listed building that remind visitors of the building’s past as a hotel pub, such as the multiple, small rooms on the top floor and the grand foyer entry area, complete with mosaic interlocking CNH initials.

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