The Marrickville Hotel is a bar located along busy Marrickville Road in the inner west of Sydney. Although technically not a classic Australian hotel pub, it does a great job to replicate the atmosphere of these classic venues*.

Occupying the location of a former dollar store, the walls of The Marrickville Hotel are lined, floor to ceiling, with the knick-knacks and curios that you’d expect to find at dollar stores and op shops around Sydney. These seemingly random objects all have a story to tell and really give the bar a lived-in feeling that rivals some of the classic Australian pubs that The Marrickville Hotel it is trying to emulate.

Overall, it’s hard place to categorise, as The Marrickville Hotel feels like a classic Australian pub whilst still feeling like the modern bars that are found around Sydney. Expect to find your typical Australian lagers and modern Australian crafts alongside a variety of classic and house cocktails. The classic Australian pub schnitzel is absent however, with toasties and Vietnamese from a local restaurant on offer instead.

* A note to our international visitors, most pubs in Australia still carry the name ‘’hotel’’ although most no longer offer accommodation.

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