Opened in 2017, Jacoby’s Tiki Bar quickly established itself as one of Sydney’s best themed bars. Having once hidden behind the facade of a fictitious Thai restaurant, Jacoby’s Tiki Bar no longer wishes to hide itself away from a post-COVID world.

As you enter, you pass through a set of drawn, red-velvet curtains, reminding visitors of the bar’s past as a hidden bar. Friendly and knowledgeable staff await, ready to whip up an assortment of well-made classic cocktails and a variety of inventive originals. We recommend sitting at the bar, a rare luxury these days thanks to COVID, the best spot to soak in the atmosphere as the bartenders work their magic.

The bars dim lighting, rattan-covered ceiling and tropical wallpaper nails the early 20th century tiki theme perfectly. A number of references to the popular 90s TV show Twin Peaks are contained throughout the bar which are sure to be a treat for fans of the show.

At a time when overseas travel feels all but impossible, a trip to Jacoby’s Tiki Bar offers visitors a perfect way to escape to a Polynesian paradise without ever having to leave home.


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