TRIP Beatles Platz is a public plaza located in the St. Pauli area of Hamburg. Created in 2008 to recognise the shared history between The Beatles and the city of Hamburg, Beatles Platz is an excellent tribute to the world’s most famous band.

TAP Located at the crossroads of Reeperbahn and Grosße Freiheit, Beatles Platz is a 29 metre circular plaza commemorating the important part which the city of Hamburg played in the history of The Beatles. Beatles Platz is shaped like a vinyl record with the names of some the band’s most popular songs engraved within the rings of the record-shaped plaza. At the end of the plaza are five metal statues representing the four members of The Beatles and Stu Sutcliffe, a regular contributor during band’s time in Hamburg.

Between 1960 and 1962 The Beatles played extensively in a number of different bars and clubs in Hamburg, allowing them to hone their skills before the release of their debut album, 1963’s Please Please Me. The impact of their Hamburg residency on the success of The Beatles is unquestionable and Beatles Platz is an excellent tribute to this fundamental part of the band’s history. Beatles Platz and the St. Pauli area of Hamburg are must visits for Beatles fans due to the importance of the city to the eventual success of The Beatles.

GO Visiting Beatles Platz is free and is open 24/7. Beatles Platz is easily accessible via the Hamburg S-Bahn railway network (Reeperbahn station). Head over to Hamburg S-Bahn’s official website for timetables, route maps and other useful information. Visit The Beatles’ official website for all the latest news on the band.

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