TRIP Located in an unassuming industrial warehouse in the Brisbane suburb of Morningside, the 1UP Arcade features Australia’s largest collection of authentic arcade games and pinball machines. With an extensive selection of games to choose from, 1UP Arcade is a treat for visitors of all ages.

TAP The 1UP Arcade features over 150 different arcade games and over 50 different pinball machines, as well as an impressive selection of retro video game consoles. The selection of games is quite comprehensive; classics such as Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure, Street Fighter II and Daytona USA and are all here, as well as a number of more obscure, lesser-known titles for visitors to discover. New games are added every week making each visit to the 1UP Arcade a unique experience. Visit 1UP Arcade’s official website for a full list of games available.

Not only is the 1UP Arcade Australia’s largest selection of arcade games and pinball machines, it’s also one of Brisbane’s most underrated attractions, one which we highly recommend you add to your Brisbane itinerary. All visitors are bound to find something they’ll enjoy; the only problem is deciding where to start!

GO The 1UP Arcade is open from 2:00pm to 10:00pm, Wednesday to Sunday. There are a number of different entry packages, but we recommend choosing the $25 Super-Combo Entry which gives visitors unlimited access to both the arcade games and pinball machines. Bus route 235 is the best way to reach 1UP Arcade via public transport. Visit TransLink’s  official website for bus timetables and other useful information. If you choose to drive, expect the trip to take you roughly 15-20 minutes from Brisbane’s city centre.

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