The Carlisle Castle Hotel is a pub located in Newtown, a suburb in the inner west of Sydney. The pub has operated from the same location, in the back streets of Newtown, since first opening in 1867.

Like most pubs in the area, the Carlisle Castle Hotel has undergone a number renovations since it first opened. The most significant of these changes was the addition of the marble bar that now occupies the front bar which was installed by brewing company Reeches in the 1920s and built from marble imported from Italy. Since then, the Carlisle Castle has added a bistro and outdoor beer garden, keeping it in line with the standard offerings of most modern Australian pubs. Despite these renovations, the Carlisle Castle Hotel is still a fine example of a classic suburban Australian pub.

Due to a number of strange occurrences, the pub is believed to be haunted. Unexplained sounds, running beer taps and bottles falling off shelves have all been attributed to a supposed ghost that haunts the pub. Some believe the ghost is “Old Peter” a former barman from the early 90s, whilst others believe the spectre of Johnny Hoy, a former licensee, haunts the pub.

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