Since opening in 1912, Enmore Theatre has served as one of Sydney’s most popular entertainment venues. The venue has been entertaining the people of Sydney for over a hundred years, playing host to a number of different forms of local and international entertainment.

The theatre begun its life as a photo play theatre managed by the Szarka Brothers, a popular theatre company during the early 20th century. With the arrival of talking films in 1928 the theatre would find a new use, one which it would maintain for much of the rest of the century. As the demand for smaller cinema venues began to wane in the 1980s, the theatre was closed, renovated and reopened as a live entertainment venue in the late 80s. Since then, Enmore theatre has gone on to host some the most popular local and international musicians and entertainers.

Despite numerous renovations and restorations (the most recent in 2020) the theatre has managed to retain much of its renowned Art Deco style. From the building’s façade to the ornate entry area, the Art Deco style is found throughout the building making it one of the most architecturally picturesque places to see a show in Sydney.

The main theatre can host a maximum of 2,500 visitors at any given time spread across its two levels. Due to the buildings relatively small size you’re guaranteed a good view regardless of where you’re seated. The atmosphere during live music events is especially notable due to the venues ability to maintain the sound generated on stage. The Enmore theatre also contains a small comedy club, accessed via a side entrance on Enmore Road, that regularly hosts some of the best local and international comedians.

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