The General Gordon Hotel is pub located in Sydney’s inner-west suburb of Sydenham. Built in 1932, the pub was almost completely destroyed by fire in 2018 before being reconstructed and reopened in 2021.

Named after Charles George Gordon, a British general famous for his 19th Century exploits in Sudan, the pub was designed by famous pub architect Sidney Warden for brewer Tooth & Co. in 1932.

After serving the inner-west of Sydney for 86 years the majority of the pub was destroyed by fire whilst renovations were taking place in 2018. With most of the interior destroyed and the roof collapsed, the pub spent most of the next few years in ruin whilst plans were drawn up for its restoration.

The restored General Gordon Hotel reopened in March 2021; thankfully the buildings original exterior was maintained with the majority of changes taking place inside. The pub now consists of three areas: the front sports bar, the middle dining area and an outdoor section at the back. Throughout the pub black and white photos of the 2018 fire damage remind visitors of the pub’s tragic recent history.

The reopening of the General Gordon Hotel is a perfect example of a well-planned restoration – respectful of the past whilst looking to the future.

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