TRIP Cologne Cathedral is Catholic Church located in the city of Cologne, Germany. A monumental piece of religious architecture, the Cathedral is Germany’s most visited attraction and a must see when visiting the city of Cologne.

TAP Construction on Cologne Cathedral began in 1248 before ceasing, uncompleted, in 1473. Roughly four-hundred years later, the original medieval plans were discovered allowing construction to resume in 1842 lasting a further thirty-eight years, whereby the Cathedral was finally completed in 1880. Upon completion, with a spire height of 157m, Cologne Cathedral was the tallest building in the world. During World War II the Cathedral was heavily damaged, miraculously it managed to remain standing amongst a city that was largely destroyed. By 1956 Cologne Cathedral was restored, however due to the enormous size of the structure, repairs and maintenance continue to this day.

The size of the cathedral is staggering; you will certainly struggle to fit the entire structure in one photograph. Despite being built almost eight-hundred years ago, Cologne Cathedral is still the tallest duel-spired cathedral in the world, a symbol of the city of Cologne, a deserved UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must see when visiting Germany.

GO Entry to the Cathedral is free, however if you would like to visit the Cathedral Treasury or climb the South Tower spire a small fee is required. Visiting hours vary depending on season so be sure to check the official Cologne Tourism website, ahead of your visit, for more information. Cologne Cathedral is conveniently located directly outside the Köln Hauptbahnhof (Cologne main station) making it easy to reach from anywhere within the city or from elsewhere in Germany.

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