TRIP The Millennium Bridge (Puente del Milenio) is a major bridge located in the city of Ourense, Spain. Built at the turn of the Millennium, the Puente del Milenio is one of north-western Spain’s top, modern tourist attractions.

TAP Opened in 2001 to welcome the new millennium, the Puente del Milenio is a remarkable piece of modern architecture. The bridge’s striking, modern design stands out amongst the surrounding city of Ourense – a city better known for its historic architecture. The bridge serves both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, as well as offering visitors spectacular views from the top of the two bow-shaped pedestrian walkways.

The Puente del Milenio was designed to allow visitors to both descend below street level, close to the rushing river Minho below, as well as allowing visitors to ascend 22 metres above street level to survey the city of the Ourense from above. You’re more than likely to come across the Puente del Milenio when making your way from the Ourense-Empalme railway station into the Ourense city centre, so we highly recommend taking the time to both ascend and descend the arches of this truly unique piece of modern Spanish architecture.

GO Visiting Puente del Milenio is free. The bridge is easily accessible via the Ourense-Empalme railway station (a short 8 minute walk). Head over to Renfe railway’s official website for the best way to reach Ourense from anywhere in Spain. We recommend a day time visit to fully appreciate the view from the bridge’s different vantage points.

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