TRIP Located atop one of Japan’s earliest skyscrapers, lies one of Tokyo’s most underrated tourist attractions – Seaside Top Observatory. Occupying the top floor of the Tokyo World Trade Centre, Seaside Top offers visitors 360-degree views of the one of the world’s greatest cities.

TAP Often overlooked in a city that has no shortage of observation decks, we found the view from the top of Tokyo World Trade Centre to be one the best available to visitors. A perfect balance of ideal height and central location makes the Seaside Top Observatory the quintessential location for visitors to survey the vast Tokyo cityscape.

From 150 meters above street level visitors will find it easier to spot some of the city’s top attractions; The Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree and other famous landmarks are easily visible from atop the Tokyo World Trade Centre. On a clear day it is even possible to spot Mt. Fuji in the distance, offering visitors the opportunity to capture that postcard-perfect view of Tokyo. Be sure to check the local weather before visiting, as you will get the most out of your visit on a clear day.

GO The Seaside Top Observatory atop the Tokyo World Trade Centre is open daily from 10:00 – 20:30. After paying the JP¥620 entrance fee, visitors can enjoy the view for as long as they like. The Tokyo World Trade Centre is conveniently located right above the Hamamatsuchō train station. Check out East Japan Railway Company’s official website for route maps, fares and other useful information.

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