TRIP A popular meeting place for both locals and tourists, Piccadilly Circus is also one of London’s top attractions. World-renowned for its creative outdoor advertisements, this famous intersection is also a great starting point for visitors wishing to explore other nearby attractions.

TAP Located at the crossroads of Piccadilly, Shaftesbury Avenue, Coventry Street and Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus is an excellent place for first-time visitors to begin their tour of the British capital. Within walking distance of Piccadilly Circus, visitors can except to find a variety of different retail, dining and entertainment options.

A big part of this attraction’s popularity is due to the ever-present wall of advertisements located across from the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain. Recently renovated in 2017, the new, single advertising screen is the largest of its kind in Europe and replaced the various individual screens that once adorned the same area. Although not nearly as impressive as the neon signs that once occupied the same area, the renovated screen does offer advertisers new and creative ways to light up Piccadilly Circus.

GO Visiting Piccadilly Circus is free and open 24/7. The best way to get to Piccadilly Circus is via the London Underground (Piccadilly Circus Station). Piccadilly Circus can be enjoyed at any time of day, however we recommend visiting at night to fully appreciate the new advertising screen.

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