TRIP The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a series of outdoor stars laid along the footpath of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. There are over 2,600 stars each commemorating achievement within a different area of the entertainment industry (film, television, music, radio and theatre).

TAP One of Los Angeles’ top attractions, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an excellent way to spend some time when visiting this part of Los Angeles. With over 2,600 stars covering a wide variety of different areas within the entertainment industry, it’s easy for each visitor to find one of their favourite stars.

You’re more than likely going to come across the Hollywood Walk of Fame when visiting other attractions in the area making it easy to fit this attraction into your busy Los Angeles itinerary. If you’d like to visit a specific star we recommend checking out HWOF: The Hollywood Walk of Fame for a detailed guide to the stars and their individual locations.

GO Visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame is free and is open 24/7. There are a number of Los Angeles Metro stops along Hollywood Boulevard making the Walk of Fame easily accessible from anywhere in Los Angeles. The Hollywood/Highland Metro Station is a good choice and a great place to start due to its proximity to other attractions in the area.

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